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We often contrast "talk" and "action," placing a higher value on action. Talk is cheap, a popular aphorism cautions us. And it's true that we've probably all had the experience of talking about some great idea we've had, without anything coming of it.

However, talk vs. action is a false dichotomy. Indeed, talk can sometimes be action in itself.

When your words acknowledge something that had gone unacknowledged before -- because it was somehow "off limits," or because you were afraid of the logical consequences of acknowledging it, or because, once articulated, you felt you'd be helpless to address it - in circumstances like those, simply choosing to say your thoughts out loud constitutes an important action. The discontent that comes to the surface when you become conscious of a need - and have the courage to say so - is a catalyst for change. That's the difference between idle talk and a constructive conversation.

Fran Hendrick, columnist and psychotherapist, brings the skills and background to help you take those thoughts and shape them into the real, tangible change you want to see in your life or work. A constructive conversation, conducted in a lighthearted, insightful style, will give you the bridge between abstract thought and real action.

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Fran Hendrick, M.Ed., P.C.C.

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