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The Positive Domino Effect

Success is no accident – even when there's a little luck involved. There are some very clear skills and strategies that can move you forward. Think of it as a Positive Domino Effect: Changing a little can change a lot.

Through coaching, you can expect to become:

  • More clear about what you want
  • More skillful
  • More assertive
  • More confident of your own perceptions
  • Free from limiting beliefs
  • More able to recognize the value you bring to your work environment
  • More energetic

In short, with coaching, you can become more in the ways that you want.

The 90-Day Build Your Own Brand of Success Intensive
We'll start with a 45-minute session to articulate your goals and identify your Top Five Success Factors – those that will have the most impact in moving you forward.
Together we'll develop a customized coaching program that will teach you the skills you need and give you opportunities to try them out at work.
We'll continue our 45-minute meetings three times per month to give you support and a sounding board as you begin to apply new skills.
Throughout the process, we'll also communicate through email, a great catalyst to keep you moving forward.
At your request, we'll schedule occasional "laser coaching calls" to address specific issues as soon as they arise.
Also Available: The 30-Day Build Your Own Brand of Success Kick-Off
Create your customized coaching program by choosing the modules below that are most important for building your confidence and ability.
Expand your identity and connect with your personal power.
  • Define success. Develop your personal vision for success.
  • Define yourself: Who are you as a person and as a leader?
  • Identify your strengths and assets. How can you use your unique qualities and abilities to achieve success as you define it? Who around you could help you?
  • Find your unique voice.
Eliminate limiting beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back.
  • Become aware of underlying beliefs that affect your actions and decisions.
  • Critically examine your assumptions and eliminate those that do not hold up under scrutiny.
  • Develop an awareness of unconscious actions that get in the way of reaching the goals you have for yourself.
  • Try out a new repertoire of actions that will lay the foundation for success – as you define it.
Discover effective tools and strategies that will naturally create the results you want.
  • Enhance emotional intelligence – how to read a room; how to know what others want and need from you – even when they don't ask directly; how to gauge your approach to get the reaction you want.
  • Enhance communication skills
    - Learn to bring your authenticity into the conversation.
    - Interpret nonverbal communication.
    - Identify verbal patterns that get in the way of the results you want – and learn new patterns.
  • Enhance your ability to recognize opportunity and embrace change.
  • Develop needed organizational skills.
  • Choose an effective leadership style.
  • Create an environment that pulls you toward success.
  • Eliminate "Tolerations" – those thorns in your side that distract you from your goals.
  • Discover what sparks your creativity and build it into your work environment!
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