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Launch Your LifeThe bridge that takes you from high school to starting out on your own

The transition from high school to college really starts in your sophomore year, but it's in the junior year that it gains momentum.  That's when questions about your future really begin to loom.

College or job? Professional school or liberal arts education? Do you want to go to a small, personal school where you can be a big fish in a small pond -- or is the buzz of activity of a big university more for you?  How do you cope with all those applications -- and the demands of school?

Because the demands of school don't let up, that's for sure.  And if you've got additional challenges -- like difficulty in a specific class -- or in juggling classes, extracurriculars, job and college applications; trouble meeting people; or maybe ADD or Asperger's -- you've got your work cut out for you.

But it's not just the decisions and keeping up with everything that make this a big deal.  It's a set of monumental transitions -- from living at home to living on your own; from having your teachers, counselors and parents monitor your progress to suddenly becoming fully responsible for that yourself.  It's leaving the comfort of a set of friends where you feel safe to heading into the unknown where you may not know anyone yet.

Each of those transitions holds tremendous possibility.  But while veryone's telling you that this is the most exciting time of your life so far, you may very possibly, be feeling that it's the most daunting.

Launch Your Life is there for you as you complete high school and begin college or work.  You can continue your work with your coach from your dorm room or apartment, and meet up on vacations and during the summer after your freshman year.  You can determine the exact support you need.  Support that helps you step into the excitement of independence without having to do it alone.

Happiness, safety and success -- it's what you want for yourself and it's what your parents want for you, too. 

But how do you figure out what will make you happy?  How do you define success?  What does safety mean to you?

And -- how do you get there?

Launch Your Life is a chance to have a coach of your own who can be a sounding board -- not a parent -- while you look for your own answers to these questions. 

Launch Your Life is for you if:

  • You're excited about life after high school -- but scared, too.  (Don't worry -- so's everyone else.)
  • You're having a hard time doing what you need to do to get where you want to be -- whether it's about getting organized and managing your time; social or academic challenges; or special needs.
  • You seem to be in an endless disagreement with your parents about planning your future
  • You'd just like to talk about the future with someone who doesn't already have an agenda.
  • You're in your first year of college and want some support to make the transition into living away from home, meeting new people and managing your work independently.
  • You're finishing your first year of college and need to process all that you've experienced, both successes and challenges, so that you're ready to dive in again next year
Launch Your Life provides you with a menu of choices so that you can design the help that's most helpful to you.  You can mix and match:
  • One-on-one coaching, either at The Self Development Place or by telephone
  • Specific tools to help you be organized and productive, and to grow your insight into who you are as a person and who you are becoming
  • Teleclasses that offer information and a chance to talk about things like transitioning to campus life, time management, homesickness, relationships, getting involved in activities, budgeting and many more.
  • Access to the recorded calls so that you can listen later, at your convenience.
  • Email communication with your coach.
Through my work with college students, which includes traditional students entering from high school, adult undergrads and PhD candidates, it is very clear to me that success in higher education, like almost any life endeavor, is a function of self development. 

Resolving issues like these spells the difference between triumph and giving up:
  • A sense that “if it’s not perfect, it’s no good” that makes you procrastinate until it's almost too late.
  • Drowning in time management and the details of getting organized
  • The sense that you’ve failed if you don’t immediately succeed stops you from trying exciting, challenging things.
  • Being afraid that choosing your major is a permanent life decision that closes all other doors – leading to the inability to commit to a major
  • Feeling you've failed because you haven't "found your passion" and you're worried that you'll make the wrong career choice.
A coach is your partner  --not another parent -- as you move into adult responsibility.  Launch Your Life is resource that you shape to help you meet your goals and objectives.

Ultimately, Launch Your Life is all about stepping into your own Invincible Voice -- and that, of course, is what The Self Development Place is all about.

If you'd like to talk about how coaching might work for you (or for your daughter), please use our contact form or call 513.677.9800.

You'll find information about coaching fees and packages here.

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It's About You
The Self Development Place is a place, both virtual and physical, where you can be outspoken about who you are and what you want out of life.

Our work isn't based on white papers and pie charts, and it's not geared towards training you to fit someone else's idea of what you should be.

It's not about statistical abstractions about young adults; it's about individuals. It's about helping you understand and develop what is inside you.

There are enough people out there who will want to mold you to fit their specifications. The Self Development Place helps you to figure out your own specifications.
There's still a bottom line...
College and career development are some of the biggest investments you'll ever make.  It pays to have effective support.

By surrounding you with encouragement, optimism, reality checks, accountability, possibility, a sounding board for the new ideas and knowledge you're gaining, and support to help you connect with the resources you need to resolve issues and attain your goals, a coaching environment inspires success. 
You'll find information about fees and coaching packages here.


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