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Perfect on Your OwnCoping with the loss of a relationship is painful and de-stabilizing.  You don't have to do it alone.  You'll find information and registration links for Perfect on Your Own groups here.

Is there life after divorce?
You bet there is! 

If one-on-one coaching is more your style, a self development coaching intensive can help you move through the upheaval of the break-up of a relationship and then begin to see new possibilities for yourself and your life.  In a very real way, the ultimate victory is joy.  You’ll receive a complimentary copy of Reclaiming Your Self when your sessions are scheduled.

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Reclaiming Your Self – your companion for moving through divorce is now  available for download.  A combination ebook and journal, Reclaiming Your Self is available by itself or as a package with  email or live self development coaching. Choose the support that will work best for you. Learn more…

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