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Reclaiming Your Self

Reclaiming Your Self ebookDivorce is tough.  You can get through it. 

Sometimes changes come
that you didn't ask for and frankly don't want.

The fact is, even positive change can be difficult. A promotion, a new house, getting married, or getting out of a bad marriage -- each of these brings challenges along with happiness.

But the changes you haven't asked for – like the loss of a dream or a relationship – are not only stressful; they're often very difficult to accept.  It's normal to feel a combination of anger, fear and sadness when unwanted change invades your life. 

Reclaiming Your Self is meant to be more than a quick list of tips to help you through divorce.  It is intended to be a support and a companion guide for you as you experience this life-changing transition and come out on the other side, in some ways a new person.

Because divorce, as scary and traumatic as it is, provides an opportunity to get parts of your self back that you've lost along the way.

And that's what Reclaiming Your Self is about.

About the Ebook

  • Reclaiming Your Self will help you understand why the break-up of a marriage can shake your sense of identity and even immobilize you.
  • Gives you clear and specific steps for regaining your sense of self and well-being. 
  • Helps you apply these ideas immediately with a built-in journal and a set of thought-starter journal posts that will help you process the losses that accompany your divorce – and move forward with your new life.
  • Packaged in a beautiful page-turning format that allows you to add notes, highlight text and upload images. (Requires the free DNL reader. Get DNL reader here.)

Three ways to buy Reclaiming Your Self

  1. Just the ebook – for do-it-yourselfers, Reclaiming Your Self is a stand-alone self-help guide for moving through the emotional aspects of divorce.  Price: $9.95

  2. Add 30 days of Email Coaching – If you'd like a sounding board as you work through the exercises in Reclaiming Your Self, this option is for you.   You'll be able to receive coaching by email directly from Fran Hendrick for 30 days after purchase. Price: $99.95

  3. Get Reclaiming Your Self for free with any self development coaching purchase.  Choose the package that fits you and receive your ebook when you schedule your session(s). Coaching is available both in person and by telephone.  You can find information about coaching packages here.
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