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In creating the Self Development Place, my goal has been to provide a warm splash of light, a safe space for selves to emerge. The Self Development Place is a nurturing, energizing sanctuary for those who seek to bring their own élan – their distinctive style and flair – into their lives. Whether you're looking to take your career to the next level, remake your life to better fit who you are as a person, or create a space that feels like youhere you'll find the tools and insight you need.

The Self Development Place revolves around you because the energy to accomplish great things and achieve happiness in one's life stems from an integrated, fully actualized self. Only when you truly know yourself –can you begin to create a life that fulfills you. That's because discovering and defining who you are – your ideals, your wishes, your dreams, your identity –makes it possible to connect authentically with your life and the people in. Whether it's coaching in environmental design, life design, or professional development; or more in-depth work through therapy, our work together will be tailored to your specific needs from the very beginning.

Your sessions at the Self Development Place will provide you a mirror that amplifies your own sparks of energy, so that your identity can emerge unfettered. This is a space where you can be in touch with yourself and with others to make deep emotional connections that will make it possible for you to fundamentally change your life.

Located at 210 W. Loveland Ave. in Historic Loveland, between the bike trail and the Little Miami River, your visits can be a mini-retreat, a few moments amidst the daily rush to take time for yourself.

Welcome to The Self Development Place!

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