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Three Seminars to Help You

Help Your Kids
Feel Terrific About Themselves!

GENERATING SELF ESTEEM: How to Bring a Sparkle to Your Child’s Eyes

As  a parent, you serve as a mirror for your children, reflecting back an image which becomes a part of their sense of self.  In this seminar, we will explore essential ways to act as a positive mirror to enhance children’s self esteem.

THE OPTIMISTIC CHILD: How to Protect Your Child Against Depression

Optimistic people are less likely to become depressed!  The keys to interpreting both the successes and the failures of daily life from an optimistic point of view are easy to learn and easy to teach to children and adolescents!  This skill can protect your child from succumbing to the unavoidable blows of day-to-day life.

TEACHING SOCIAL SKILLS: How to Teach Children to Understand What People Aren’t Saying

Many children who are highly skilled and talented in other areas experience difficulty in handling everyday social situations.  For them, understanding social interactions, reading nonverbal cues, and just “fitting in” can be likened to learning a foreign language!  With some specialized coaching, their ability and confidence can truly grow.

For more information about bringing The Parents' Hour to your group, call 513.677.9800.
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